Monday, April 20, 2009

Tube for Trouts

Tube for Trouts
by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Paulo Hoffmann

Considering following circumstances, it may seem quite inappropriate to pick such a headline but in fact, there are some valid reasons for heavy duty flies. Kyll-Creek is actually the perfect playground for Ultra-Light-Tackle. A decent small water with some feisty trouts, abundantly covered with vegetation, and a easy-to-handle average size.

(Black Bottle Score)

What the hell brings an obviously proper fisherman to bomb such a water with heavy bottle-tubes? The typical springrain and it´s irrepressable outbirth: High brownish water. Such a situation can be a possible funsuppresser (or a kick into your balls if that specific date is your first day after closeseason) if you´re not prepared.

(High and brown water)

Fortunatly we were armed with some nice tubes, such as Dee Sheep, Black Simple Tube and tiny redish Templedogs. Eventhough we are using Salmonflies we MUST consider that we are aming for trouts... so don´t even think about using treble-hooks. Unfair Situation indeed, but still no need to slaughter...barbless singles will do a great job aswell. My favorite Hook is a ultrasharp shortshank saltwaterhook with the barb clamped on. You can use these tubepatterns like conventional Streamers or Swingflies - both techniques will bring you some fishes. Still here? Then take the time to have a close look at our pics... then get your ass back to the water!

(Paulo is about to score!)

(Tubefly saves the day)

(Pretty much of an average fish, but under these conditions...)


(Another Tube-trout)

(Targeting the next one)


(...for a Simple-Black-Bottle-Trout)


(Fun on a 3weight)

(See you soon brother)

(Shore is gone...)

(Paulo with a Tube-Trout)

(Brother from another mother)


(...and the beat goes on)

(Tiny Templedog-Pattern worked out very well)


(Releasing the last one)

(The biggest Kyll-Creek Trout so far)