Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Shot For 2008

Last Shot For 2008
by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Paulo Hoffmann

23th of Dec. 08, the year is almost over and you are still keen on getting some serious brutes? Of course you are, because you are suffering from a genetic disorder that causes an unstopable urge to get your rod bent... just like we do. Okay, here is the deal: Highly addictive Baby-Pike-Booster-Fly vs. our no.1 freshawater predator!

(Baby Pike Booster Fly)

The lakes and ponds are partially frozen - logically we are supposing that our target acts very lazy, so we gotta present the fly deep and slowly.

(Decent pike right in front)

(Here we go)

(Yeah baby, a good one!)

(Angry Pike)


(A decent fish - 92cm)

(Liked it?)

(Paulo´s turn)


(Sweet male)

(The only way for sustainable success - C&R)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pikefly Research Uncut

Pikefly Research Uncut
by Stephan Dombaj

It is an unconvenient matter of fact, that we have tons of footages that hasn´t been released so far; including some real bad ass stuff. And it´s another matter of fact, that the already ran-off troutseassion hasn´t blocked or slowed down our fishing activity. As I said before, we at FFN like to play it the hard way... Pikefishing is far more than just an autumnal act of recreation, it´s the dark side of flyfishing.

Unconventional half-chicken-size-pattern vs. 850 needlesharp teeth. Long story short... here are some unreleased pictures of some pikefly fliedtests - based on this tests, we have published the list of hot pattern in our "Guide´s Choice" Section. Including some 40inch+ crackers, topwater kills, bleeding hands, crazy flies and so on... Lean back...enjoy the show:

(Topwater Kill: Angry Pike vs. Dahlberg´s diver)

(Get pike-boosted)

(Rage against...)

(Polfilter-Shot 1)



("You are what you is")

(Subsurface Hit - Jan did it again)

(Pikebooster vs. Riverpike)



(Bellyboat, item to go...)

(Take that, bitch!!!)

(Fat Pike)


(Julian´s guided pike)

(Under water)

(Double header)

(Top Secret Pike-Booster-Fly kicks ass)

(Booster Combo)

(Fat Riverpike)

(Baby slammed down a 15cm Dahlberg´s!!!)




(Swampwater Pike)

(Brakewater Pike)

(Always fair...practice catch and release)


(Bunny to kill)

(Topwater crush)

(Sweet autumn pike)

(2 Casts - 2 Pikes = good deal)

(Another topwater fish)



Tight Lines,

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Flyfishing Insomniacs Video

Flyfishing Insomniacs
by Jan Wolff

Featuring: Jan Wolff, Stephan Gian Dombaj, Nicolas Maier
Music by Fat Boy Slim - Funk Soul Brother

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Autumnal Rush

Autumnal Rush
by Stephan Dombaj

Now that the Salmonide close season has started, the suicide rate among flyfishers is increasing rapidly. But there´s a cure and I am not talking about far-away places and tropical adventures. I´m talking about the toothy secret of your backyard: Pikes, Perches, Zeds, Asps and so on - but the best thing is: Autumn is the very best time to go for them, cause they got to gain weight before it´s getting cold. So, it´s up to you whether you are suffering from circadian-trout-close season-depression or from bleeding hands because your last 40inch plus Pike has beaten up the shit out of you. I guess you like it the hard way just like we do...

(Predator-Hunt, the dark side of flyfishing)

Let´s start with Mr. Lucius itself - Pike (Esox lucius) is one of European´s biggest and most popular predators, period! And that for valid reasons: That monsterous mean fish kills for fun anything that is almost as big as itself. 850 needlesharp teeth are an appropriate tool to kill both warmblooded animals and aquatic animals. It is our godgiven duty to take revenge for each helpless animal that found it´s end inbetween the blood-dripping jaws of Mr. Lucius.

("Strip it fast and prey for the big bang!")

As you can see - big flies are needed in addition to the fact that Pikes, especally bigger ones, have a very hard and boney mouth, you have to make sure that you set the hook properly! After the take, wait a second till the fish turns, then nail it via flyline and the buttsection of your rod...several times. As far as your equipment is concerned, make sure that it´s prepared for these harsh actions...needlesharp hooks, shocktippet and an appropriate steelwire or fluocarbontippet. Need some flies? Check this out: PIKEFLIES

(Pike Booster prepared for some action!)

(Get equipped!)

(Fat autumn Pike - 40+ on 6wt. AEG Signature)

(Nearly 42 inches - Release)

(39 inch Glomma-Pike)

Talking about toothy secrets, we shouldn´t forget about "Zeds" (Stizostedion lucioperca) Zeds are considered to be far more distinguished than Pikes ... and well, it´s the truth. But ain´t that thing hot as hell? In my eyes a brilliant gamefish that can be quite tricky to get on fly... but that´s the challenge! As far as flies are concerned: Take the same patterns frome upon - maybe a bit smaller.

(6wt AEG vs. Zed)

(Zed on Pike Booster Fly)




Take your time and give it a try, beside the the two predators upon - there´s a lot more to experience! For example:

(Catfish on Fly)



Just slipping away from predators for a sec. you´ll soon find out that autumn is aswell the best time for giant carps on fly!

(Gian Carp on a 4wt)

(Wannbe predator nailed on a streamer)

(Koi on fly)

If that ain´t flyfishing - I don´t know!