Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fight The Elements

Fight The Elements - 3 Months Patagonia
by Stephan Dombaj

"Hola to all Guerillas around the globe!
I am glad to announce too you that I am going to leave Europe behind. Well, at least for 3 months starting Januar 2010. During this time I will be assisting the guys from Loop´s Private Estancia Las Buitreras in Rio Gallegos/Argentina as an assisting host/campmanager, journalist and instructor. Beside world reknown Rio Gallegos and Jurassic Lake fishery I am looking forward to explore Patagonia´s remote areas. Meet me in Argentina. Experience a trip of your lifetime. Fishing the andean Patagonia region is always harshly tinched be the ancient spirit of this region that is bourn out of fire and wind. Take a step on this ground and you´ll feel the deepest greatfullness overcome. Like every usual, I´ll keep you updated with week-reports. Be part of the party or stay tuned for some more action...

Tight Lines,
Stephan Gian Dombaj"

(Argentina approved)

Here are some dates for available rods:
13-20 feb - 2 rods
6-13 march - 4 rods
3-10 april 4 rods
10-17 april 4 rod

Contact via:

(Rio Gallegos beauty)

(Jurassic Lake)


Guys, check out this Email adressed to Don Chrillo himself. As I said before... it´s hard to describe but it´s the truth:



I am Just back from the Jurasic Lake, Dec 9 thru 12...After arrival around 4 in the afternoon, I fished for about 4 hours... and caught 35 .. fish...!!! NO WIND...!! The next day... weather was UNUSSUAL WARM, and WINDLESS..!!! I fished, DRY FLIES... in the Pool...( the back of the " island" facing the camp... ) was the most awesome dry fly fishing on my life...!! by noontime, I had counted total of 76 fish ..LANDED !! The afternoon, after lunch, was the river time.... by 4pm in the afternoon, had completed the number 100 ...!!!By the end of the day ... I had counted 120 fish.... alll fish were in the double digits...!!The next day... our last day... was a more selective fishing, totalling 167 fish in two and a Half days of fishing..!!!AWESOME..!!!TWO FISH WERE over 22 pounds plus, one male and one female.... have the TV Tape and Pictures of this wonderful trip.... MY FIFTH TRIP TO THE JURASSIC... counting the days and hours to return in March or April....!!!WARM REGARDS, FOR YOU YOUR WIFE & DAUGHTER... FOR YHIS XMAS...!!!
Your Friend

(Get bend)

(Double-Double Digits)

Friday, December 25, 2009



(Back On Demand)






Coming Soon (FFN ROAD SHOW):

Monday, December 21, 2009

Stealin' Minnows

Stealin' Minnows - Big Bones and Mermaids
by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Stefan & Alexander Haider

Big Pelicans hammering down like a bomb carpet. Thirthy in a row. An incredible spectacle indeed, but I am focusing on something else and these pelicans are the indicator. My illuminated advertisment that is praising big fucking bonefish. My ticket for the ultimate run on a´s just a few casts away!


Excitment is taking over. A pelican just in operating distance get´s in trouble... Street-Gang: A couple of Bonefish are trying to rob paralysed minnows out of it´s mouth. They literally force the pelicans to share their prey by pokeing them. Especally bigger fish are quite vehement. They kill everything that falls out of the pelicans mouth if it just fit´s into the prey-scheme. Quest, present your minnow as close as you can to the pelican...

(Street-Gang: Minnow robbery)

If you come close without an accidential pelican-hookup don´t dare to move your fly too much. Just let sink, nice and neat, keep the contact until something on the other end of the line decides to get you into serious troubles. As I said upon, also big bones are used to penetrate these birds for an easy lunch. Especally when sightfishing is for some reason impossible, the birds will show you the prey and if you are lucky... they´ll also lead you to bonefish.

(Searching for something to pierce)


Sun is painting everything in a tinch of orange - an unmistakable sign for dinnertime. I am perpared. And here we go again...

(In range...)

(Nervous pelican)

(Jerk-off time!)

Presentation right infront of the bird. Big fish twiching out, following... following with it´s back out of the water. Sweet marry of mercy, this bonefish want´s the minnow so bad... a few more strips and the fish nails the fly away like burying it with it´s nose into the sandy ground. Stripstrike! Contact! Good fish...

( Fish turns...that´s bad)

Instead of leaving this planet by running it´s tails of in direction of the sun, this fish turns by and starts off in parallel to the beach - passing several anchorlines meanwhile. Must be a good one. No useless rushing...this fucker knows how to get rid of my fly. But guess what, Mr. Bone is not the only one swimming...

(Sunset Rush)

Busy with fighting the fish, untangleing anchorline and worrying about my leader. But somehow I managed to get some line back. Shortpumping, holding the fish away from obstacles, another run... not that intense. It´s not over yet and I don´t dare to get a picture with that rocket until I hold it. I don´t care: Pressure to the max. Last line untangled. Time to finish this...

(Dinner is served: Bonefish with salad)


(Racoon & Bonefish)

(Releasing the rocket)

( fight another day)

(8 pounder is swimming away)


Hard to explain but sometime i catch myself thinking that the second the fish leaves your hands and swims away is the most precious moment in flyfishing. Nothing lasts longer than the memory... not even the fish population that is, in spite of catch and release, still rapidly decreasing.

Story Of A Mermaid

Ambushing beach-bonefish is also a quite productive way to see/catch legendary mermaids. Ah, you don´t believe me, do you? Well, check this pictures out.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hook Magazin

Hook Magazin Issue 2

Out now!

During our last demo and expotour in Northern-Germany, Stefan Franzmann and I also visited the "Hamburger Werfertage" The Guys from HOOK-Magazin made a pretty cool article out of it. HOOK, the first serious and professional E-Magazine on the German-Market, has just released the 2nd issue...

Check this out:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Running Down The Beach

Running Down The Beach
by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Stefan & Alexander Haider

Imagine, you are standing on a lonesome island. Nothing but endless bluetones of water infront of you, brilliant white sand under your feet and a couple coconut palms behind you to round up the cliché. While you are glancing into the endless blue, almost forgetting that this is soo real, the firm grip your flyrod reminds you of your quest. Running down the beach… up and down – losing your breath, swearing, getting up and once again.

(Are you ready?)

You would rip off your right legs just to get connected to the unseen force that was killing minnows in a feeding frenzy just a second ago. Here we go… 30 Meters away: Windsprints...too slow. Damn! Tunas, Jacks, Kingmackerel or Flacktail-Snapper? You can’t tell, but it’s raging out there and you wont be happy until everything comes together…

(Bonitos and Jacks killing baitfish)

Another baitball - restless eyes have found their nirvana. And your urge a ventile. Still too far away from the bank. Time to strip off and swim!




(Pop-out! FUCK!)

(Still watching...)

(Garite and small Horse-Eyes)

(Grunting Jack)

Bonitos out of range! Swim for the win...the swarm is passing by... my fly inbetween. A little twich and a massive impact leaves a deep inpression in form of a fleshwound in my finger. That´s passion unleashed! Let´s get it on! Stunning to see the spinning reel losing backing: Meter for meter. 20 Meters left and the fish slows down. Sweet merry mother of mercy!

(Swim for the win. Backing run!)

It´s almost impossible to both comprehend and explain how strong these fish are. They have just one goal... reaching the horizon! After endless 5 minutes...the reward!

(Bright Bonito)



But for real, even if there´s no fish around... things could be worse:

(Our office)


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tarpon Madness - The Baitball

Tarpon Madness - The Baitball

by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Stefan & Alexander Haider

It´s just one cast away: The fulfillment of a dream. Pelicans are running crazy, Tarpon - all sizes - rolling everywhere, Horse-Eye-Jacks and Snapper inbetween. I am holding my breath, but the sound of a thousand predators killing minnows still remains. Now that we are soo close I don´t dare to pick up my rod. I am cleaning up my lenses to secure this moment forever.

(Killing Minnows)

The first sunrays are hitting the clouds upon as we are cruising into direction of our hotspot. Easy to see, the crowd of birds is already hailing down to slam into the endless masses of baitfish. The water is boiling. Time to get nervous.

(Early morning...)

(Blast a cast)

Feeding fish everywhere! Here are some shots:

(Tarpon close to the boat)

(Feeding frenzy)


(Good 15kg fish)

(Another single)


(Fins Pt.II)

(Tarpon Madness)

(Three juveniles crushing into minnows)

(A Horse-Eye-Jack chasing bait)

(The Bait - The Fake)

Ready for some action! As we don´t see the big ones crushing into the center of the baitball but gathering around at the edge of the happening we decide to leave the frenzy behind. Tought decision but it worked out. Stefan took the 10weight OptiSalt and after a few blindcasts the lines straightend up. Stefan nails via flyline and the leaper appears... Almost losing my breath I pick up the camera.

("No strippin´!" Searching for big singles)


(Still running...)

(The leaper appears)


(Bow for...)

(the king!)

The howling reel complains about the loss of backing as the tarpon tries to reach the horizon. Stefan maximizes the pressure. The fish turns and it´s time for the good old down and dirty game!


(Ready for some bends)

(Now it´s getting nasty)

(180 degrees)

(Silver King)

(Landing? No!)

(Static Warfare)


(What a powerfull tail)


20Minutes after hookup and endless down and dirty warfare, we get a chance to get it into flat water. Alex is already waiting for his turn. Just a few more moments and an epic battle is yet over...

(Fish and Salad...the dinner is served)

(What a head)

(His Majesty is pissed of...)




(Silver body armor)

(Just perfect)

Fish is landed. Stefan and Alex are holding his majesty gently in shallow water. The perfect and giant scales are sparkling almost too bright to be true. After a couple pics, Alex and Stefan are releasing the fish. Stefan´s perfect birthday present!