Monday, October 26, 2009

Alpine Lakes

Alpine Lakes
by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Scott Raggatt,
Stefan & Alexander Haider

It was a coincident, just a few days before I left once again to the dirty south, Scott’s mail arrived my inbox just in time – telling me that he’s looking for some good fishing in southern Germany or Austria. Two flyguys from different corners of the globe but one irrepressible urge! First station was Sava Bohinjka, where we had a pretty nice day on a beautiful water but there was much more to go.

(Fish on)

It ain´t no a secret that the Alpine region is blessed with numerous streams and creeks, most of them are surrounded by a tremendous landscape and wildlife that one can easily be lost in such a magic place. Captured by this rural pureness it is simply the most grateful thing ever period to be a fly fisher.

(Alpine lake par excellence)

Since the lakes are kinda out of focus, stillwaterfishing is an underestimated game. Of course it is a matter of fact that a productive Stillwater holds much bigger fish than a river but I don’t want to complain about this tendency. No really, I enjoy it…drifting on a crystal clear pristine lake, spotting some shades, enjoying the fresh air and being almost alone. Big trout’s from pontoon boats was our next thing on the to-do list.


Obstacles, submersed logs, lillipet and weed fields or any other form of structure are typical hotspots and yet to be found. Question of retrieve? Well, for trout there's one simple rule that almost always works out: Big fly = fast almost steady-retrieve and the smaller the slower – never forget to pause the fly to give it a more lifelike action.


(First fish for the day)

(Alex is playin a big bow)

(Rubberleg Damsel = good fish)

(Massive release)

(Hot Cone Killer)

(Scott´s turn)

(Black Opti)

(Another Bow)

(Stillwater cliche)

(Lake Brownie)

(POV: Thrilling)

(Here she comes)

(Sweet Brown Hen)

(POV: Release)


(With a darkish fish)


(Red Hot Cone)


(Playing a good bow)



(Landing Pt.II)

(Landing Pt.III)

(Congratulations brother)

(Scott with a lakechar)

(Spinning reel)

(Ambitious fighter)

(Selfpic fail)




(Stalking the shoreline)

(Alpine Lakes)

(Bow after Bow)

(German Sheepherd)


Sunday, October 25, 2009


by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Nikolai Prietl
& Matthias Burget

A crystalclear coldwater-lake with giants shades close to the small island inbetween and three guys in floating tubes or pontoon boats, rigged up 6 and 8weights in their hands, ready for their run. This scene could be easily found in some imaginary saltwater areas, but the landscape reveals that we´re drifting on a lake right in Austrian´s lap. Once again... to slam down European Carp´s brother from another mother: The Amurcarp or Asian-Carp.

(Searching for shades)

During the trip we had to learn the diffrence of fighting an Amur from the shore and fighting the fish from a boat. Since this fish reacts very well on pressure directions we had massive problems lifting these tremendous fighters from the ground
. Amur is a very spooky fish, especally in clear waters - long leader with a fluocarbon tippet are very helpfull then.

(Sightfishing for Amur)

The following footage is supposed to be a visual appetizer for a possible fight of your life. Once you are "attached" to such a fish (in a coldwater-lake) you´ll get to know if your dragsystem is built to resist. Check this out:

(693 Loop Opti Coast)

(First encounter)

(Niko tortures his rod)

(7minutes full power)


(A decent carp)

(See you soon)

(Yeah, Baby - Hookup)

(Get bend)


(After 12min)

(After 14min)


(Happy landing)




(Mission accomplished)

(Catch &...)


(Uhhh - got the wrong shade)

(Niko's Amur)