Monday, March 8, 2010

Fuck Of The Month

Fuck Of The Month - Hall Of Fame

I'd like to propose a toast to all the sick moments in flyfishing, all the crazy guys that crossed our ways, of course to the magnificent countries we fished in and never the less to the all the fish out there...Cheers guys! The Hall Of Fame is a tribute to all of them. Monthly updated, rude and unspoiled just like this whole thing here. Love it or hate it.



Shortly after my arrival in Rio Gallegos (Argentina) I felt this irrepressible urge and desperate longing for some chrome... so I took my 5# 9ft. Loop Yellow Line. Long Story short. This 84cm Chromer was the initial of a long history of seatrouts that crossed my path in the Argentine desert. Why fish of the month... well the story behing that fish is pretty cool. Check it out (Bad Guys Fish The Night)

Rod:LOOP Yellow Line II 5# 9ft
Reel: LOOP CLWC 5/8
Line: LOOP Opti Stream WF5F + 150yds Backing (20lb)
Tippet/Leader: 0,22 Crystal Dense Fluo
Fly: Hotcone RL Spey Bugger Black tied on TMC 777SP

Crime Scene: Rio Gallegos - Cojones Pool - Argentina

(Desert Chrome)


February was a hard decision cause I had do decide between two PBs: A 10,5kg Seatrout on 6wt Switch or a magnificent Kingsalmon. As you can see below the Kingsalmon made it because we allready got a Chromer in the list just one month before. Anyway I liked the story behind the Kingsalmon much better. This Kingsalmon is a part of 14 fishes that are (still) the living proof that there are some pacific Salmon on the atlantic side! It was a urban legend and big Papa LOOP Tackle Design sent us out to scout this uncharted water. Well, we let you know when the season is over... just a little hind, this is the sickest stuff you can do to your DH-Equipment! This super-mean male fish gave me 15minutes a hard time! Before I forget, we are talking about the only Creek that holds Kings in Argentina!

Rod: LTS X1 9wt 13,6ft.
Reel: LOOP Opti Megaloop
Line: Prototype SH - 0,32 Runningline (Opti) and some 50lb Backing
Leader: 0,40 Crystal Dense Fluo
Fly: Pollo´s Revenge (articulated fly by S.Dombaj)

Crime Scene: Glacier King - Argentina

(Mean machine)


What´s missing to round up the Argentine Grandslam? You are right, a fat resident Trout! And here we go, the picture below shows a beautiful Bow taken on a 5wt on sight at Rio Barrancuso. It was not the biggest fish of the 3day trip but anyway - this adorable vicious buck gave me a hard time on my MultiPWR. I could tell you something about numbers and averagesize at Jurassic, Barrancuso and Laguna del Inferno but you wouldn´t believe me anyway... Ah, before I forget: 2 minutes wrestling - down&dirty (what else?) Fight a fish like a man! (Toast to all the sissyguys who are fighting fish like a frightned little pansy - and believe me... there are a lot!)

Rod: LOOP MultiPWR 5# 9ft.
Reel: LOOP Opti Dryfly
Line: LOOP OptiStillwater WF5F - 120yds. 30lb.
Tippet/Leader: Multi Light + 0,20 Crystal Dense
Fly: Copper John Size 6

Crime Scene: Rio Barrancuso - Argentina