Thursday, January 10, 2008


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FFN Photostock:
Our Photostock contains Photo-Material from around the globe. Whether you´re searching for spectacular patagonian dryfly monster trouts or giant permits on light weight high class fly tackle... you´ll find it here. If it´s not released here a simple mail could solve your problem...we´ll find it for you.

Featured Artists: In Order to create a valuable amount of both photos and multicultural influences we invited several guys from around the world to be our featured artists. Fly Fishing through fishermen´s eyes!

Argentina (Patagonia)
Mexico (Cancun)
Russia (Ponoi)
Across Europe
Since most of our photographers are professional guides, Pro Team Member. instructors or simply hardcore flyfisher we have the chance to offer you not only highquality "fishporn" (Giant Trout, Pike, Carp, Koi-Carp, Salmon, Grayling, Taimen, Permit, Bonefish, Steelhead, Golden Dorado etc.) but also never seen (prototype-) product-pictures!

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Tight Lines,

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Iain Mc Master

Born and Bred in Scotland, I am an outdoorsman to the core. Fishing and hunting are not just hobbies or passions to me, they are my way of life.

I have grown up fishing mostly small streams or 'burns' as we call them in Scotland for wild Brown Trout and frequently for Atlantic Salmon in rivers big and small. Annually I venture to the spectacular mountains to fish the big lochs, sometimes for huge trout!

Fishing to me is an amazing thing, it is not just something that many people enjoy, fishing is an international language that crosses language barriers. One might say a language with no words, that is something that I find very special. One phrase which I have found that anglers everywhere know is 'TIGHT LINES!'



Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mariano Ravizza

Wild in the back of beyond!
Mariano Ravizza, editor of (one of the most prestigious e-magazines in southamerica) grafic designer, photographer and video producer joined FFN.

If Flyfishing is capable to inherit, Mariano is the best example for it. Since 1993 he´s lost in this great passion and he became a specialist in Golden Dorado Fly Fishing , and in trout fishing in north Patagonia (small to medium rivers).

Some of his videos shows the reality of this kind of ambients: Pulmari River, Malalco Creek, Dry Flies, Calfiquitra creek, Dorados in small rivers and his most recently work: Dorados in Esquina (subtitled).

Contact him:

Stefan and Alexander Haider

The brothers are the driving force behind Loop in Austria, Slovenija, the Czech Republic & Hungary.

Based around their tackle business, Austrian Outdoor Sports, and in combination with an extensive online shop , that features all Loop products, they have taken their passion for the sport all over the world

Dedicated and passionate in all aspects of the sport they offer a great depth of experience covering everything from tackle and fly tying to hosted Loop Adventure expeditions, casting clinics and trips in and around their native Austria.


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Monday, January 7, 2008

How to Order

This site represents a sampling of thousands of images by Fly Fishing Nation on file as Digital Stock. Almost all pictures are labeled with a code. Just send us a short mailorder to the address below and make a note of the number and title (code) of the image you want to buy.

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Sunday, January 6, 2008


Since most of our photographers are professional guides, Pro Team Member, instructors or simply hardcore flyfisher we have the chance to offer you not only highquality "fishporn" but also never seen product pictures.


Featured Artists:
In Order to create a valuable amount of both photos and multicultural influences we invited several guys from around the world to be our featured artists. Fly Fishing through fishermen´s eyes!

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Claudio Martin joined FFN

It is heaven down on earth! Claudio Martin, Member of Pro Team Loop Argentina, joined Fly Fishing Nation Picture Press! Claudios expertises as a guide at famous Rio Gallegos and other Argentinean waters are highly respected. He´s truely a naturalborn flyfisherman. His way of flyfishing and casting reflects the prelevant dynamic tinched spirit like no other.

Sustainable successes even under harsh conditions demonstrate his abilities across Argentina and it´s large variety of gamefishes. Golden Dorados in the north or giant seatrouts from the Patagonian southside... if it swims - he got it on fly!

The world through his eyes (and his camera) are a priceless enrichment for Fly Fishing Nation - thank you for sharing this spirit with us!


Sample Gallery

Stephan Dombaj

Hardcore Passion: Since the seed of flyfshing started to grow he calls himself a lost. Stephan Dombaj, Pro Team Loop Germany Member, is one of the enviable person who can call flyfishing and -casting their passion.

In order to serve the idea: "catch the memory - release the fish!" He´s equiped with both video and photo camera to bring you countless and priceless impressions he collected across the globe during his trips from spawning gianttrouts in Argentina to the boiling baitballs in the Adriatic sea.
So far, he has been setting hooks in more than ten countries around the globe including Argentina, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Croatia, Austria, Denmark etc. Always armed with some decently adjusted tackle he´s always prepared for the ultimative light line bang!

Several int. clients, magazines, expositions and demonstrations underline his reputation as a flyfisher and photographer.

If you have any question don´t hesitate to contact him at:


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These prices are just a guideline. Of course we´re able and willing to reach an agreement. Furthermore we offer special conditions for regular customers and quantity buyers (starting at 3Photos). All prices assume one time non exclusive reproduction rights! Euro (€) is the accepted currency at FFN.


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Austrian Outdoor Sports, Loop Tackle Design, Loop Adventures, Angelreisen Hamburg, DerFliegenfischer, Fliegenfischen, Sportski Ribolov, Energiedienst "Naturkunde", Nervous Waters Europe, Fisch & Fliege, Rute & Rolle...

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Must See


Thanks to the net, the new generation of flyfishing spreads like a unstopable disease. Check out the following links to get infected:

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Guide´s Choice

Toothy Secrets

Pike (Esox lucius) is one of European´s biggest and most popular predator, period! Stephan Dombaj´s toothy secrets will advice you steep by step to take revenge for every single little preyfish that died in blood dripping jaws of evil big-mamma-pike! Stephan caught Pikes across europe and even further from Norway down to Montenegro. From giant 40+ inchers to descent average killers! Stay tuned for toothy secrets!

Next Issue coming soon:

  • The right tippet (Shocktippet)

Iain Mc Master