Thursday, February 25, 2010


Contribution in Fisk&Fin
by Stephan "Esteban" Dombaj

For all our friends around the globe a quick shot of our latest contribtion in the danish magazine "Fisk&Fin" - for those who have the chance to get an issue: check out the article Giga Havörret and you´ll find some FFN Prints! Here´s a preview. Cheers!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Raubfischmesse Sauerland

It‘s Time For A Revolution…

Germany’s 2nd predator fish fair is on its way.

Experts from all over Europe are going to show interested visitors how to catch pike, walleye, perch, asp, catfish and many other predator fish, using different techniques and styles. For example, how to catch pike on the fly or fish top water lures.

We'll be showing you Loop´s latest tackle for 2010 and some tips and tricks in fly tying as well as a diashow.

The expo will take place on the 13th and 14th of March 2010 in the St. Georgs Hall in Meschede.

You´ll be able to visit us from 10am to 6pm on those two days and the bonus is that teens and women do not pay entrance fee, all other visitors pay 5,- €.

You will find a list of the exhibitors here:

As well as:

We are looking forward to seeing you at the expo - "keep your lines tight"!

Stay tuned,

Julian Sion & Team

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hook Magazin 3

Hook Magazin 3 is out now!
by Stephan Dombaj

Another Issue of Hook Magazin has just been released! Beside other HQ Footage from contributors around the globe one can find a brief picturestory by FlyFishingNation (Page 80), showing the thrilling fight of a raging tarpon. Check it out!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Girls Gone Wild For Seatrout

Girls Gone Wild For Seatrout
by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Claudio Martin

Okay Guys, hard times ahead. Check these pictures! The girls are cleaning up Rio Gallegos! Private Estancia las Buitreras

(Sara blasting a cast at Canterra)

(Sara´s 14pounder at Puesto)

(Fernanda´s Brute)

(Girls for Chrome)

(Sweet release)



Friday, February 5, 2010

Loop Equipment Research - Evotec MF

Evolution Of A Flyrod - Evotec MF
by Stephan Dombaj

A couple of month ago I introduced the very first shots of our crossweave Xact and Epic Flyrods. During this time of evaluation in both action and design, we decided to change the former "EPIC"Series into EVOTEC MF (or FA)

(Zone V)

MF stands eighter for MediumFast Action or for Motherf+cker, up to you. The whole Evotec-Series is an add-on to the our famous MULTI-Series. Here are some exlusive previewshots right from the shore in Zone V - Rio Gallegos - Argentina.

(Evotec 7weight)


(+ mean machine)

Stay tuned - more to come! Saludos!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Boot Düsseldorf

Expo - Boot Düsseldorf
by Alexander von Dombois
feat.: Julian Sion

Iced roads, 20cm of snow and it was freezing cold…

But this winter weather didn’t stop us from going to the world’s biggest watersport expo. I left Cologne at about 8am hoping not to get into traffic and be able to arrive in Düsseldorf on time were I would meet Jules. Our job was to show some fishing newbies what fly fishing is all about and teach them some basics. The first step was to explain the difference between “normal” fishing and fly fishing, and what bait we use. We had a few streamers, dry flies and Pike flies for them to look at so that they could feel how light a fly actually is.


After this short introduction Jules and I took our three interested beginners to the “Giant Fish Tank” which was actually a container full of water were everyone was able to hold a fly rod in their hand and try out a few casts before going out into the cold were the “Casting Clinic” was build up.

("Giant Fish Tank")

(Casting Clinic... and it's cold!)

(Candidate No. 1)

( No. 2 )

(Need some help ?)

At the end of this day we held a lecture on fly fishing for pike.


(That's it)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Argentina Weekly - Week III

Argentina Weekly - Week III
Estancia Las Buitreras
by Claudio Martin

The arrival of good friends from the UK known to us as “The Baker Group” marked the beginning of our third week of season 2010. For Michael, Martin, David, Derek and Richard it was neither their first time, nor the second one… actually not even close to that.

(Burning Sky at Bridge Pool)

It was their 10 season on the Gallegos… quite a remarkable record and certainly much experience reached as a result of it. For Val, first time chasing silvers in south Argentina, the challenge didn’t look much as he started in his first session with a fresh 15 pounder out of Golfo, a large slow-water, fish-holding pool, where he happened to be after following Bakers usual “week rotation scheme” with Martin as the responsible one for arranging it that let them fish around in even number of sessions in the different beats as well as fishing with different partners equal number of times. Still sometimes the scheme didn’t really work, and mostly when some unknown person tricked the others by changing the real scheme for a fake one… confusion reigned in the room and arguments took place until the truth finally came out.

(Richard - Double Spey)

El Henrik (Pool) delivered, like it normally does, and this time in favor of Richard who managed to get not only a 21 pounder but also followed with an 18 pounder, both on Buitreras top secret fly (meaning a regular Bitch Creek nymph!).

(Chrome on the run)

By Monday noon there were already 20 sea trout caught and a big part of that had double figures… still things got tougher later on in the week making the group use all their experience plus the help of the guides team to figure out the best approach and how to succeed on this task. The wind didn’t make things any easier either, gusting up to 100+ km/h (60m/h – 28m/sec)

(David´s mean male machine)

In contrast to this the average size keeps rising and we hit new records. This Rugby ball-shaped fish are without any doubt feeding very well out in the sea. The best example was Mike’s biggest fish of the week, caught on a session when none of the other zones produced, pulling 22lbs on Juan Manuel’s scale.

(Mike´s 22pounder)

In addition to the fishing a very much anticipated event took place once again at the lodge: the guitar duel. Derek started the session with Animal’s “The House of the Rising Sun”, a Buitreras favorite, and kept amusing his friends and the staff with some great songs that we all followed and enjoyed. On the side of the locals Juan Manuel performed a part of his wide répertoire showing off once again his talent as singer.

(JuanMa lost in music)

Finally, our dear British friends topped it off by performing their own version of Eagle’s “Hotel California” for the staff, where phrases based on the few mishaps, the guides and kitchen team and words in Spanish like “pelado”(Spanish for baldie) got mixed up along the beat to make everyone laugh.

(Male Chromer)

We’ll be looking forward to next year to see our friends again casting flies out into the wind and singing along and playing guitar, maybe some of many things that make Las Buitreras a magic place.


Claudio Martin – Las Buitreras Camp Manager

Number of Rods: 6

Total Nr of Fish: 48 sea trout

Top Rod: Richard Bright (UK) with 13 fish.

Top Pool: Upper Limit & Peso Ligero

Top Fly: Yellow Tummy #8 + Bitch Creek #8

Biggest Fish: 22lb (Michael Baker)

Average Size: 11,1lb