Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Flyfishing Guerilla - Trout Headhunting PT.II

Flyfishing Guerilla - Trout Headhunting PT.II
by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Paulo Hoffmann

Last days in freedom shall be cherished with troutfishing...coming soon
-PT.I: Flyfishing Guerilla - Trout Headhunting Pt.I


(AEG 5wt did it again - 68cm Migratory-Bow)




Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Austrian Grayling Massacre

The Austrian Grayling Massacre
aka. 3wt 7.3ft. Opti Creek vs. Mur River
by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Stefan und Alexander Haider
Georg und Christoph Breisach

Autuumn = Grayling! Simple calculation but just so true. Fortune was once again bounteous in form of a private fishery at Mur-River...


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Flyfishing Guerilla - Trout Headhunting

Flyfishing Guerilla - Trout Headhunting
by Stephan Dombaj
feat. Paulo Hoffmann

Half day off - time to leave the city and it´s sins behind to cherish mother nature once again... ah, and before I forget, to challenge beastious evil trouts (of course)! Migratory and resident fishes are getting nervous right now; autuumn is coming and they have to gain weight for the spawning time - especally the big mamas. Be prepared for some heavyweight surprises, even in the tiniest creeks! Check out this half-a-day footage about 2Guys, 1River, several big trouts and a bunch of bad ideas:

(Guerilla Art: 50cm Brownie vs. AEG Signature 5wt)

Item to go: Loop AEG Signature 590-3A; Loop Evotec G3 FW 3/5; Loop Multi WF5F
The recommandation upon represents a medium-all-purpose-stream and lake combo, which is made to be abused and adjusted to fit into nearly ever possible situation as far as the common troutfishing is concerned (and of course way beyond - as you can see in this Article "Built To Resist") But enough theory for now...time for some action:

Rainpregnant clouds were covering the sky as I started to prepare my equipment and after the first 60+ migratory I realized that I forgot my camera, so I took a picture with the cell, released the fish and called Paulo to join me... with the camera.

(Abusing this shoes at least 3times a week)

Time to get up...actively feeding fish right infront. A spooky fish that refused my PJ-Nymph at first. Just the way I like it...no need to serve a low-fat-tofu-fly? Time for a Big Mac aka. Wolly Bugger! Well, fast food trout dig it... and:

(Bang! Nailed it right away from the surface)

(Good one - lot of pressure after a braketesting run)

(Time to play it way around)



(Perfect shape, perfect condition - typical migratory Bow)

(Bow vs. AEG wt5)

(See you soon, take care and tight lines buddy ;-))

Time for some GloBug-Action; We have been searching for a while and found some descent smaller trouts rising for dries, but considering the fact that I lost a serious big brownie at the bridge a few days before, it was time to head up and prey for the harsh pull that rips the line off your hands.


(40cm Brownie)


(Another Bow)

(Built to fight)

(P. again)

In a short subsumption: I really don´t know how many trouts nailed our flies away - a few tens for sure. Everything around 40cm, some bigger (till 43cm) and just a couple smaller ones. So I decided to try a real mean´n big bug... see what happens:

(Hook up! A good one! Time to play it down and dirty!)

(Looking for a better place to land it...)

(There it is! Just a little over 50cm - Awesome Buck!)

(...on GloBug)


Misc. and some bad ideas:

(Mother nature teaches us: Endurance is the key to sustainable success)

(Flyfishing Guerilla till late)

(Sick, but that´s the way it is: Loop only!!! Other tackle is made for... well opening bottles ;-)(Don´t take it too serious) )

(Bad Idea No.I: A Wadingjacket ain´t a Fullbody-Amour)




(Bad Idea No.II: ... ;-) )