Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Argentina Weekly - Week II

Argentina Weekly - Week II
by Claudio Martin

Week 2 started on Saturday as usual with the new group’s arrival at Rio Gallegos City International Airport. There were three things that marked this week: the presence of two different film crews, lost luggage and rolling fish teasing us in every major holding pool, still “showing fish” is not necessarily a sign of “taking fish” and it demanded hard work from all to accomplish it.

(Henke rippin´lips)

The highly expected arrival of Swedish fishing legend and book author Gunnar Westrin completed the group with a mixture of Americans, Swedish, British and one Australian angler, Dr. Paul Gibson, 2
nd timer at Las Buitreras.

(The group)

Mountain Media
® from Sweden and Hooked on Fly Fishing® from the US followed some of the groups along the week as the chase for big sea runs was on!


In the middle of the week
partying took place at Las Buitreras for the Birthday of Mr Loop himself, Christer Sjöberg (aka Don Chrillo), who was turning 35 years old – according to him, of course!– but certainly feeling 25 in heart and soul.

For our great friend Howard Evans, the beginning of the week wasn’t quite what he was expecting, and it involved the loss of his luggage and the later consequences: i.e. having to wear the same summer shirt he put on the morning he left his home, over and over again; and the fact that the underwading equipment provided by his former
dear friend and top guide from Las Buitreras, El Pollo, was a bit too tight. Someone called this an “accident”… then unfortunately for the rest of us, it’ll be hard to erase that image from our minds.


Angler David Moore,
who also went through the same, finding himself without his bags at the arrival airport had whatsoever no “unpleasant surprises” on the equipment provided and always available at Loop-Las Buitreras Lodge.

(Juan Manuel with a happy client)

Howard’s temporary loss of luggage had a good side. We were able to put in his hands Loop’s world class Shooting Head System for double handed rods, a tool he found very helpful for managing the existing conditions. Having become a very good caster throughout the years fishing this river, plus counting on the right set up and being ready to follow every instruction the guides had, helped him become the Top Rod of this Week, with 13 fish and a personal average size of 11,2 lb.


Happily for both of them by the second day the bags were not only found but immediately taken to its owners. Everything was safe and sound.More big fish were coming in and before finishing the first half of the week there were already some important double figure fish on the book, like Swedish guest Lars Ivarsson’s 20 pounder to show the year-after-year improvement of the quality of this river and its fish.

New Yorker Dean Mades also had his share on flights issues, starting with a 24 hr delayed flight, followed also by the temporary loss of his luggage and the late arrival to the beginning of his journey, at Jurassic Lake. Catching up quickly with the rest later on in Las Buitreras and using his experience learnt from Canada’s Atlantic Salmon and other migratory fish to conquer the sea run browns…Even though the final number of caught fish wasn’t that great the week concluded with big smiles among the faces of our guests who’ve achieved once again the challenge of catching these explosives but yet timid, chrome beauties.

Claudio Martin – Las Buitreras Camp Manager.

Number of Rods: 9
Total Nr of Fish: 55 sea trout (over 5lb)
Top Rod: Howard Evans (UK) with 13 fish.
Top Pool: Golfo and Upper Limit
Top Fly: Yuk Bug #6 + Blk Wooly Bugger #8
Biggest Fish: 22lb (Chris Travis – Hooked on FF)
Average Size: 11,4lb