Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mariano Ravizza

Wild in the back of beyond!
Mariano Ravizza, editor of Wild-Rivers.net (one of the most prestigious e-magazines in southamerica) grafic designer, photographer and video producer joined FFN.

If Flyfishing is capable to inherit, Mariano is the best example for it. Since 1993 he´s lost in this great passion and he became a specialist in Golden Dorado Fly Fishing , and in trout fishing in north Patagonia (small to medium rivers).

Some of his videos shows the reality of this kind of ambients: Pulmari River, Malalco Creek, Dry Flies, Calfiquitra creek, Dorados in small rivers and his most recently work: Dorados in Esquina (subtitled).

Contact him: mariano@flyfishing-nation.com
Website: www.wild-rivers.net