Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Shot For 2008

Last Shot For 2008
by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Paulo Hoffmann

23th of Dec. 08, the year is almost over and you are still keen on getting some serious brutes? Of course you are, because you are suffering from a genetic disorder that causes an unstopable urge to get your rod bent... just like we do. Okay, here is the deal: Highly addictive Baby-Pike-Booster-Fly vs. our no.1 freshawater predator!

(Baby Pike Booster Fly)

The lakes and ponds are partially frozen - logically we are supposing that our target acts very lazy, so we gotta present the fly deep and slowly.

(Decent pike right in front)

(Here we go)

(Yeah baby, a good one!)

(Angry Pike)


(A decent fish - 92cm)

(Liked it?)

(Paulo´s turn)


(Sweet male)

(The only way for sustainable success - C&R)