Friday, June 5, 2009

Kyll Creek by Paulo

"Kyll Creek" – bad conditions one more time.
By: Paulo Hoffmann
feat.: Alex von Dombois

Shallow water-levels, brownish water and almost 30 degrees – in other words: goddamn circumstances for trout fishery. Streamers made too much row and nymphs were refused. Thus, we had no other choice as trying dryflies. Result wasn’t considerable, but there was a result anyway. Due to the fact, that Alex only had an 8 weight rod spooled with sinking line, we had to take the 3 weight yellow line in turns.

(Kyll Creek)

CDC was the key to success – dark and small pattern were necessary to get any contact with fish. Fishing on suspicion was almost equal zero, we had to wait until we could see them rise.