Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Koi Inferno (Austria)

Koi Inferno (Austria)

by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Nikolai Prietl

In between our instructions/courses/demonstrations we got a few days off (kinda strange cause it ain´t no work but pleasure). And guess what we were desperately aiming for? Of! Since nearly all available waters within a reachable radius were affected by the heat period that caused a long lasting melt- and high-water level, we had to switch to a decent stillwater. The so-promised trophy trout water turned out to be blessed with a lot of other worthy “chances”…

I fact it was way too hot and bright for serious Laketrout-brutes in that clear water. To our surprise we found a massive amount of carps – including some seldom Koi-carps – feeding the shoreline. Do I have to go one? 2 Hobies and 4 Fisherman... no genius needed to check out that 2 of us were bound to land. Niko and I took the greatfull chance to go for it. Check these pics out.

(6 am - time to get it done)

(Get in where you fit in)

(New grips ´n spacers)

(Kurt is ready to go)

(Niko Pt.I)

(Niko Pt.II)

(Stalking the shoreline)

(Typical Hotspot)

(Active Fish)

(Niko´s turn)

(Hook Up)

(Clearwater carp)

(Niko´s fish - I went down to land it)


(Stalking again)

(One shot fish)

(Got it...)

(Lost it...)

(One and only trout of that day...)

(...will fight another day)

(Another Mudraker)

(Bend that 6weight)


(Brown Bullet)

(Switch Style bend)

(Red-White-Koi on sight)

(Happy landing)

(Sweet fish)

(San Juan Killer Worm)


(and go)

(Niko Pt.III)

(Orange-White-Koi to go)

(...6weight Switch)

(2nd. Koi)

(Portrait Pt.I)

(Once again: San Juan)