Saturday, August 22, 2009


by Stephan Dombaj
& Alexander v.D.

There is another way to attract trout beside imitation - it´s irritation. Since Scott (Raggatt) spoiled me with some decent NewZeland pattern, troutfishing revealed it´s puzzling side on another way once again. Pattern is maybe the wrong word for these hairy, giant, wiggling... things. Anyway, only the possibility of seeing a trout crushing on such a fly unleashes my prehistoric hunting instinct. Each presentation, which is supposed to be clumbsy and loud, is a 50/50 game: Eighter you´ll spook your target or you´ll get to see the most tremendous topwaterkill since Pike on prop.baits.

(Miss Knobby X)

Fishing this flies was funny as hell. The strikes were breathtaking, especally if you move´em. Check out this webpage for further information:


"In the beginning I was critical because of the looks of these flies … apart from the fact that these flies where huge and impossible to present. How ever it was worth a try and these foamy flies didn´t look bad in a trouts mouth. The fish just crushed Scott´s flies and amazed us to."

Alexander von Dombois

Now some footage:

(Ready to blow)

(...right in front)


(Crushed on a hopper)

(Miss Knobby X)

(Get adjusted)



(What a take)

(Alex´s trout)

(Killed a tschernobyl ant)


(Miss X strikes again)

(Bloodworm action)

(Bow Pt.II)

(Lakechamp scored)

(See you)

(Knobby trout)

(The Miss Knobby X)


(Little Brownie)

(Big dry)

(Creek of evil)



(Can´t get enough)



(Another bow)