Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Running Down The Beach

Running Down The Beach
by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Stefan & Alexander Haider

Imagine, you are standing on a lonesome island. Nothing but endless bluetones of water infront of you, brilliant white sand under your feet and a couple coconut palms behind you to round up the cliché. While you are glancing into the endless blue, almost forgetting that this is soo real, the firm grip your flyrod reminds you of your quest. Running down the beach… up and down – losing your breath, swearing, getting up and once again.

(Are you ready?)

You would rip off your right legs just to get connected to the unseen force that was killing minnows in a feeding frenzy just a second ago. Here we go… 30 Meters away: Windsprints...too slow. Damn! Tunas, Jacks, Kingmackerel or Flacktail-Snapper? You can’t tell, but it’s raging out there and you wont be happy until everything comes together…

(Bonitos and Jacks killing baitfish)

Another baitball - restless eyes have found their nirvana. And your urge a ventile. Still too far away from the bank. Time to strip off and swim!




(Pop-out! FUCK!)

(Still watching...)

(Garite and small Horse-Eyes)

(Grunting Jack)

Bonitos out of range! Swim for the win...the swarm is passing by... my fly inbetween. A little twich and a massive impact leaves a deep inpression in form of a fleshwound in my finger. That´s passion unleashed! Let´s get it on! Stunning to see the spinning reel losing backing: Meter for meter. 20 Meters left and the fish slows down. Sweet merry mother of mercy!

(Swim for the win. Backing run!)

It´s almost impossible to both comprehend and explain how strong these fish are. They have just one goal... reaching the horizon! After endless 5 minutes...the reward!

(Bright Bonito)



But for real, even if there´s no fish around... things could be worse:

(Our office)