Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fake Punks

Fake Punks
BassBooster Tales

It´s really funny to see what other guys are doing as soon as you leave the stage for a couple of days. I got a request from a friend asking me about the BassBooster Series, which was quite amusing since there were just a couple rumors about it and nothing really specific. I should know it because I was spreading them while getting my hands on the very first design-type. The BassBooster was supposed to be an addition to our PikeBooster Series - almost the same design features except the EVA-fighting grip, lighter and shorter though.

(Down with the syndicate)

The first design-types are still 8-9ers, so not lighter at all since we built them up on short and high modulated versions of the "PikeBooster" blank, supposed to be for intern use only. BASS BOOSTER wont be released! The most fucked up thing... this wrong information were spread by formerly hopes that got it all wrong now... Anyway, all the rumors about the BassBooster Series are fake - don´t listen to the fakies and wannabes out there...stick to a reliable source: Either to official Loop Page/Blog or to the one and only Guerilla-Page since oh7! Down with the syndicate! If you wanna see real prototypes - check this out:

(Evotec G4 5/8 Stealth limited edition)