Sunday, August 31, 2008

Italian Job - Rodcracker Reunion (Germany)

Italian Job - Rodcracker Reunion (Germany)
by Stephan Dombaj

"I´m coming down next weekend!" - Hiobs-message for every trout in a certain radius around Cologne. Sergio, an addicted Seatrout-hunter, came back home to charge up his streamfishing-batteries. Well, the flipside of the medal was the puzzeling element. As a seatroutfisher he´s used to fishes that fight quite a lot more than any streamfish...

(60cm+ Bow on a 2wt Opti Creek)

Due to the fact that the first migratories are starting to run, there should be the chance to get at least one at the typical resting points. Trophy bows, still big´n fat and ambitiously fighting... even the most hardned seafisher get´s a hard on... So it´s time for another Italian Job - enjoy the pics:

(Good morning Mr. Brown - Sergio´s first one)

(Descent averagesize)

(Where´s the fucking fly???)

(Ay, that´s a good one)


(What a nice fish...)

(Good one - 47cm)

Time to hit another spot... what about this one:

(Chubs, Barbel and Trout...some questions?)

This is a typical sign of bridge-bitches, waiting for their meal... iem to go... GloBug. But no time left for "Bridgies" Migratories for the win! (Of course I couldn´t resist... I came back...check out Bowhunting with lighttackle)

(Skating Stimulator for the win)

(...time to kill topwater)

The next pool reveal it´s silver secret in form of slightly moving bow-fatties. Now we are talking, time to get some work for my 2weight. (Whatch "The Flyfishing Guerilla" - first striking scene)

(First Big-Bow of the day - 60cm+)

(...with Sergio)

(Tell your Mom to beat me up for slappin´ you)

While Sergio and Paulo were fishing the upper parts again, I saw another pig in the strong current - Sinking Line and Streamer for the Win! One Cast - BANG!!!

(I was screaming - but they were out of reach... so I tried to document this moment...)

(And there she is...even bigger than the first one!)

(hahaha, fucked up Selfportrait!)

...Time to hit the road



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