Friday, August 1, 2008

Jan Wolff

When Stephan Dombaj asked Jan Wolff to become a member of Flyfishing-Nation, Jan accepted in a split second. His reasons to join were pretty simple: To be part of a group of flyfishing fanatics and addicts to serve the flyfishing community with photos, reports or even movies in an uncommon way from everywhere around the globe. Jan is a very passionate flyfisher and flycaster and is always armed with a flyrod and video camera no matter where he goes to get the possible footage of the lifetime. Up to now he traveled to more than 10 diffrent countries to follow his passion including Canada, Iceland, U.S.A., Slovenia, Norway and Austria for example. Although, he is intrested in any kind of fish you can catch with a fly, his favourite target is the B.C. steelhead and if conditions allow it to get them hooked on a dryfly. Be prepared and expect exceptional reports from Stephan and Jan... Two absolute crazy flyfisher and if you put them together, they become unstopable. Hardcore flyfishing to the fullest!