Thursday, October 15, 2009


by Stephan Dombaj

This is the ultimate golden shot for all LOOP-Junkies around the globe. The following footage contains highly exlusive pictures of some stuff for 2010. I know you gonna hate me, If I were telling you that I have already seen everything including the new extraordinary clothing and stuff. These shots were taken directly from the heart of LOOP Tackle Design Sweden - in Akersberga.

(Seen in Akersberga)

Some are taken during our fieldtesting-seassion at Mörrum River and Vaxholm-Bay. Prepare yourself for EPIC, XACT,G4 Stealth, 4-Streech Clothing and some other bad ass stuff!!! Don´t forget! The final product may appear in another design - these are some prototypes, except blankcolor. Of course there is more to stay tuned.

(Alexander Haider with an Epic-Prototype at Mörrum River)

(Handle fieldtest)

(7100 Singlehand Version - Cross-Weave Tec.)

(Boytoy for skerry garden pikes)

(Branding Sample)

(Creating a waderprototype)

(Opti Power DH Handle)

(Our cheapest model: Xact - Just perfect)

(7wt. Xact with G4 Stealth)

(G4 Stealth: too rude!!!)

(EPIC and XACT Detail)

(Christer and Ola)

(I am sorry guys... I have never seen something like this before...)

Stay tuned!!!