Thursday, October 15, 2009



by Alexander von Dombois
Footage: Stephan Dombaj

It’s round, It’s fluffy, It’s big...It’s a Globug!

Globugs are really underestimated flies. They catch tench, carp and even trout and they’re easy to make! They are available in almost every colour and size. Why does it catch!? It ´s supposed to imitate salmoneggs but a little bit adjusted it’s just a fluffy ball of something that could look like bread. Many fish have adjusted to eating bread because of their location like in ponds where “grannies” feed ducks and swans with their old leftover “breakfast”. So of course the fish will eat bread if they are fed with it every day. Enough about why it encourages fish to bite ---- lets catch some!

(Underwater - a fluffy GloBug)

There is one thing about the Globug that makes it so much fun to fish. SIGHT FISHING! It’s like “search and destroy” find a carp, cast for it, watch how the Globug disappears and then - STRIKE! But if you ain’t fast enough you fail. If it works you could have the fight of your life with the “Golden ghost”.

(Golden Ghost on sight)

While fishing Streams all over the place I realised that bridges are perfect spots for Globug fishery –because people feed the ducks with bread. Those kinds of places are full of chub and various trout. And they ain’t difficult to catch!

(GloBug Trout)

(Big Bow on GloBug)

But if don’t belong to one of the lucky folk who have a stream at their front door, have a try in one of your local lakes for carp and tench. The sound of a carp inhaling a Globug is insane! We tried it as one can see …

(Tench on a GloBug)

(Koi-Carp on a GloBug)

(Sneep on a GloBug variante)

(Fishing the bottom...leaded GloBug)

(Chub killed the BUG)

(Stealing Eggs...)


(Scott and Stephan)

(Dark side of fishing)