Monday, July 28, 2008


Pikeflies - Half-Chicken-Flies
by Stephan Dombaj

Here a small enumeration of some really usefull BFF´s (Big-Fish-Flies). These flies caught Pikes from Norway down to Montenegro - so I´m sure you´ll be equally successfull with this selection of flies - stay tuned, updates coming soon!!!

(Stephan Dombaj is tying his No. 1 Pikefly)

Flies you need for bleeding hands:

(Stephan Dombaj´s FFN Heringfly)
This specific pattern caught Pike from Norway down to the northern parts of Croatia. Even the Swedish Brakewaterpikes cruched on this pattern like a horse on sugar. The darkish back made of light but highreflecting syntheticfibers is teasing pikes till they collapse. Blue/Green and Silver - especally under clear conditions a deadly combination for pikes around the globe. Tied on a 5/0 Gamakatsu.


A classical deciever pattern, made up with modern synthetics. Deadly pattern in clear lakes during late spring/early summer when predators are chasing spawning whitefishes. Due to the quite stiff bodymaterial, this fly is meant to be moved fast. If you see a pike chasing baitfishes, let it sink to the ground and then strip it it up like a perishing preyfish. Go for this fly in Blue/White and Chatreuse/White.

(Delicious Perch)

A big synthetic-fly that is easy to cast. Got a lot of good pikes on Perch-pattern so far- not only in waters with a huge amount of Perch as prey. Harsh twitches and short strips let this fly move like a dizzy Perch - dinner is served! (Paint it with stripes and without)

(Tarpon-Bunny - Barry Raynold´s Style)

A classic Pikefly that cought numerous giant predators around the globe. Eventhough it get´s quite heavy when it´s full of water it´s still a pattern that is irreplaceable. Bunnystring in combination with Crosscuts - nothing moves alike! Tie it with a weedguard and you can bump it into the tangliest Lillipet-fields. Let it mud-rake throu the ground, strip it fast on topwater...doesn´t matter at all - this fly is a pikekiller! Go for it in Black, Black/Red, Red/White, Yellow/Black, Chartreuse, Pink, Orange...

(Dahlberg´s Diver)

Ready for some topwater-action? Get a Dahlberg´s Diver! The floating head made of Deerhair makes it both swimming and wiggling! In combination with flashabou, rubberlegs and bunnystrips a natural born teaser! Be prepared for some mindbusting topwater attacks. Go for it in Black, Chartreuse/Black and White/Red

(Bob´s Banger)

The ultimate weapon for topwaterkillers. This popper creates a unique sound and is, for sure, the loudest fly I have seen so far! Muddy Flats after the spawning season are just the right place for fieldtests. Give it a try - i bet you are never going to use another fly once you caught a pike on that thing! Go for it in Red, White and Chartreuse!

(Enrico Puglisi Big Eyes Red Tail)

Innovative Fly-Pattern by worldwide renown Enrico Puglisi! Big eyes, extended red tail fin and a needlesharp and strong hook in addition to a realistic moving lightweight syntheticbody = Can you beg for more?

(BIG Polar Fiber Bait Fish)

A serious BFF(Big-Fish-Fly) This Giant Polar Fiber Bait Fish was actually meant for Taimen/Huchofishing and is for sure one of the largest´n biggest flies in my box. A total lenght of 25cm + scares everything away that is just average! Heavy equipment is recommended to set this giant of a hook properly! A real-man-fly that is so masculin that you have to shave it!


Now listen! It´s about 8years ago that I caught a pike that had a rattail dangleing out of it´s mouth. Since I know that Pikes dig to warmblooded animals/terrestrials I really enjoy these imitations big time. Especally bigger fishes are kinda addicted to these patterns. Once the go for it, the will never turn back... Fish them like a Popper with small stops or do it like mother nature itself and let the tinny mouse reach the saving shore by swimming in a constant run (Stop it once when your close to the shore - twitch it a few times and you´ll be supprised). Btw. a Must-Have-Pattern especally when you´re in search for riverpike!

(Fulling Mill Pikestreamer)

An appropriate Chub-Imitation tied on 5/0 hook. Well balanced colorsceme and a lot of waterpressure appeals both to pikes eyesight and it´s lateral line-organ! The total volumen of this fly allows you move it very slowly what can be very effective - especally in colder water. Add some stripes and you have a big perch!

(GT Streamer, orange)

Originally created as a pure saltwater pattern for Giant Trevallies - the perfect combination between teasing and imitating. Due to it´s quite compact tyingstyle it is relatively heavy and destinated for deeper water or steady retrieve. Give it a try in summer and late-summer... search for shallows and strip it fast - pray for the big bang.

(Ultra Foam-Tec Popper)

Bump this thing into a lillipet-field, the weedgard protects it from tangeling into weed or any other form of cover. Strip it a few times, wait...and then again until this Frogimitation get´s nailed right away from the surface! Especally medium size Pikes are resting in the shade and waiting for some easy-to-kill-fastfood! Adrenalin rush needed? Get a Popper!

Some of these patterns are available at Austrian Outdoor Sports!