Monday, May 25, 2009

Chubby Chaser (Germany)

Chubby Chaser (Germany)

by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Paulo Hoffmann

Curiosity, a word/feeling that can be easily described thru the eyes of a flyfisher. Recently caused by the Multi PWR rebirth series of that famous LTS X1, that gained it’s international reputation thru numerous tests and casting-records. Hand in hand with another field testing object, the new hybrid-rod (Opti Switch Style 6107) we went to another decent Guerilla-water.

(Ready to blast)

Once more we had to realise that fortune is a philandering bitch. The high waterlevels we had to deal within our last sessions were not geographically limited in Austria. Anyway, we had a mission. And we were about to take the first step to check out if the creation is finally more generous than the creator itself – the Loop Equipment Research Team. There’s no everybody’s-darling-tool – we all know about it. Even though the latest generation of “Switch” rods is much more than a well balanced compromise between single- and doublehand rods, but the first real hybrid tool, there must be also limitations. Or not?


Here are just some pictures of that day that was actually too short to be a day-review. Anyhow we finally managed the bad conditions more or less pleasing. Fortune is one thing, revenge another… check it out.

(Ready to switch - fast sink poly leader)

(Grip System)

(Switchcast - Fast sink polyleader)

(10,7ft. on a small water)

(Working the shoreline)

(...for trouts)

(and chubs)

(Bottomfish with leeches)

(Another Chub)


(6107 Switch Style + Runner)

(Chubby Chub)

(Fat head)

(Shoreline fish)



(Idiot hat)