Monday, May 25, 2009

Zwickauer Mulde - Anglingcenter Zwickau

Zwickauer Mulde - Anglingcenter Zwickau

by Stephan Dombaj

Due to an advanced scandinavian-style course/instruction I found myself in the middle of east-germany. Beside the fact that these three days have been an awesome experience I had to admit that the Zwicker-Mulder was a blast of a water! 40km Shoreside to go! In the upper parts quite wild and strong, to the slower mid parts in the barbel-region, filled up with hot spots and some quite big brutes. Unfortunantly we had no time to give it a serious try because I came to convey the "10" holy demandments of underhandcasting.

(Group of day 3)


1st. Day (Singlehand - Underhand - Advanced)

7# 10ft Göran Andersson Signature Series | Opti Runner Reel | Opti Stream 7#

4# 9,4ft. Göran Andersson Signature Series | Opti Dryfly Reel | Opti Stream 4#

2nd. & 3rd. Day (Doublehand - Underhand Evolution)

9-10# 12,6ft Göran Andersson Signature Series | Opti Megaloop Reel | 11,3m. - 33gr. Shootinghead

Here are some photos of 3 groups in 3 days:

(The Zwickauer Mulde)

(Underhand Instruction - Theory)

(Under fish-conditions)



(After 30minutes...Awesome)

(Spray Pt.I)

(Spray Pt.II)

(Creating the D-Loop)

(Ready for some flies?)

(Andreas Stolle himself)


(It takes some time to coordinate the scandinavian style)

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