Monday, May 25, 2009

Pristine Secrets - Alm River PT.III

Pristine Secrets - Alm River PT.III (Instruction)
by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Alexander Haider, Stefan Haider,
Nikolai Prietl, Kurt Murer,
Matthias Burget

As you may have seen in our former adventures: Alm River, one of Austrian´s clearest waters, takes a special place in my annual To-Do list. This time we came with a group of beginners to lead their careers into the right directions. Effortless casting and an awesome fishery! A kickstart could be worse, couldn´t it?

(Adheasive Casts)

Allright, the expected crystal clear water turned out to be a lil bit muddy (glacier-water) what always resolves into the effect that fishing can be a bit tricky. No need to complaine - a problem is just another solution under construction.

Demo-Tackle I used for my demonstration show:

6# 9ft. LTS X1 | Loop Opti Dryfly Reel | LTS Ultimate WF6F

8'# 10,7ft. Opti Switch Style | Loop Opti Runner | Prototype Shooting Head System

Here are some pictures:


(Da Ride)

(Opti Switch 6107)

(Baby Classic = Classic, Baby!)

(Practicing rollcasts)



(Alm River)


(The first fly-caught fish in his life)


(Searching for Whitefish)

(Too drunk to fuck)