Monday, May 25, 2009

Kleine Drau - Villgraten Creek (Austria)

Kleine Drau - Villgraten Creek (Austria)
by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Stefan & Alexander Haider, Matthias Burget, Max Lo Faro

The kleine Drau (Little Drau) is famous for some serious big fish. That´s why I travelled a whole day (and night) to get my ass into the delightfull situation of fighting such a brute in the pristine waters of Ost-Tirol/Lienz, located close to the Italian Border.

(Ost Tirol (East Tirol))

I arrived in the middle of the night what finally saved my heart from exploding into thousand pieces - anyhow, it felt like a massive hangover: I woke up and the water looked like someone had thrown a thousand tons of liquid concret into it (for real guys, I can deal with muddy conditions! To be true... I prefere them in certain cases, but this was just way too much to go) FUCKING GLACIER WATER. Damn!

(WTF, NO!)

No time to complaine, the group that was already keen on getting a taste of flyfishing, totally understood the situation. I want my students to be not only good flycaster but a better flyfisher. Leaving these fucked up conditions behind we decided to get our lazy asses up ontop of the mountains to crush some alpine browns. The upcoming thunderstorm was a sign that time was already running out. The Villgraten Creek was a the less unconvenient alternative or in other words: Our only chance to get hold of some fins. Wet, tired and happy! We did it again. Some new flyfisher were born!

Demo-Tackle I used for fishing and casting:

6# 9ft. Multi Power | Loop Evotec G4 5/7 | Loop Multi WF6F

5# 9ft. Loop Yellow Line (II) | Loop Dryfly Reel | Loop OptiStream WF5F

(The Villgraten Creek)

(Shoreline = Success)

(Andreas:first flyfish ever)

(Second one right ahead - nice trout)

(Mr. Instructor aswell)

(Dark patterns for the win)

(A couple of these...)

(Alpine Browntrout)

Special Thanks to Andreas Roschitz the two pics of me


(Train for the win)