Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shallows Supreme - May Pike

Shallows Supreme - May Pike

(+unreleased Topwater-Footage from 08)
by Stephan Dombaj
feat. Paulo Hoffmann

There will be blood - not literally but metaphorically. May 1st. is the biggest relief since end of trout close seasion and it´s time to unleash those big and naughty flypatterns once again. Long story short, it´s PIKETIME. Unlike human, pike doesn´t aim for a cigaret or repose. after his annual dose of sex: Meat, raw and bloody, that´s what they want. And guess what? We have the right stuff to give´ em some.

(Leaping Pike)

Before I forget, May is the date to go and kick some big brute´s asses. Now that they are done with reproduction they are still remaining in shallows. Even the big ones...


Another quite (un-)logical conclusion: Shallow = Topwater Lures/Flies/Baits!!! Check it out:

(Dahlberg´s Diver = Item to go)

(Crush on...)


(Find the Dalberg´s)

(M.I.L.C = Mother I´d like to catch)

(... chasing topwaters!)




(Paulo: Stripstriking)



(Bow and Arrow cast for tricky conditions)

(...another crush on)

(Average Killer)

(Neckgrip landing)

(Time for bigger ones)

(Hurt by Cormoran)