Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wichtrach - Bernhard Fishing Expo

Wichtrach (CH) – Bernhard Fishing Expo
by Stephan Dombaj

Close to Switzerland´s capital Bern some real cool guys meet to complete the flycasting showact at the annual Bernhardt Fishing Expo. Bernhard-Fishing is one of the most impressive shops I have seen so far – one could actually spend a whole week searching thru the rodsection. Quite logical that a whole bunch of people came by to see what was going on there.

(Hans Spinnler´s Show)

Hans Spinnler (G.Loomis)
Michael Mauri (Guideline)
Marc Rädisch and Matthias Meyer (Zpey)
Stephan Gian Dombaj (LOOP)

(from left to right: Michael Mauri, Marc Rädisch, Stephan Dombaj, Matthias Meyer, Hans Spinnler, Urs Bernhardt (front))

Elements of my Showacts:

Singlehand (Basic): Eradicate countermovments. Bodymovement, Pull&Push effect, enhanced linespeed

Doublehand (Advanced): The Scandinavian Basics under comparison to classic (and other) styles. The Underhand-Demandments


Equipment to go:

8# 12,6ft. LOOP Yellow Line II | LOOP Multi Reel 9/12 | 0.32mm Custom Running Line | Opti Adapted Long Front Taper 8/9

6# 12ft. Göran Andersson Signature Series | LOOP Evotec G4 7/9 | LTS Flatbeam | Opti Custom 9,8m 22gr.

6# 10,7ft. Opti Switch Style | LOOP Runner | Zpey 0,28 RL | Zpey Unique 6# (9,9m. 14,6gr.)

8# 9ft. LOOP Opti Salt (X-Grip) | LOOP Opti Runner | LOOP Multi WF7F

5# 9ft. LOOP Multi Pwr | LOOP Dryfly | LOOP Multi WF5F

4# 9,4ft. Göran Andersson Signature Series | LOOP Evotec G4 3/5 | LOOP Opti Stream WF4


(Fly Kid Pt.II)

(Marc and Hans)

(Doublehand-Hans with a Singlehander)

(The Pool)

(Matthias and the Fly Kid)

(From 3 to a 5weight)

(Wild living bees that came by)

(On my way back)

Special Thanks to Marc Rädisch & Matthias Meyer
and of course Andre Gumz