Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bamboo Bang

Bamboo Bang

Guide To Destruction
by Stephan Dombaj
feat. Nikolai Prietl

It ain´t no secret that I don´t really dig bamboo rods as far as their practical purpose is meant. But it´s true that I really marvel at the guys who can make a fishing tool out a giant toothpick. Anyhow, it´s a matter of fact that bamboo-rods are part of our great passion´s history and that´s why I finally had to give it a serious try. After casting quite a few splitcanes - classic and modern tapers - I was frankly satisfied with the range I had tried; not that these rods were ever made up to challenge my beloved carbonrods but the feeling was not soo bad.

(Preparing the reels)

A Splicane-Builder gave me one of his prototype-babes to beat the shit out of it. A 6 weight 8,6ft. - good cast-ability. He told me that he slammed some pikes with it... If it fits my interpretation of slamming - this would be an intresting thing. No Retention. Deal: 6weight Toothpic + Burgundie Classic vs. Carp.


That thing performed very well and I cannot deny that I was kinda keen on fighting a carp on that combo... and my chances were not so bad since a whole bunch of feeding mudrakers slightly moved into my castingrange. The small nymph just passed the front of a midsize fish. Move, Slurp, Bend and BANG! (I was actually more a cracking than a bang) the whole rod except the handle simply felt off into the water while the reel sang a sweet song. Damnit, 70hrs. of work what equals 950Euros - destroyed by a simple carp in a splitsecond. Priceless (or worthless) Finally I got that fish... and another one too because the part that wasn´t broken at all performed very well!

(Sweet bend)

I know that I potentially run the risk of getting accused to crack that rod on purpose but the reality couldn´t be further. We finally found out why that stick cracked: The hexagonal slipcaneblank was built up with a round windingcheck what leads to pressurepoints - due to this circumstance it was a matter of time... ah, before I forged... later that day I slammed a real pig (19kg) on a 8weight carbonrod. ;)

Here are some pics

(First run)

(Something´s wrong)

(Nice bend)

(Decent Fish - but way too much for that stick)

(Hooking up)

(Fighting that fish with the tip)