Thursday, July 2, 2009

ÖFG Meeting - Pielach

ÖFG Meeting - Rabenstein

by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Stefan & Alexander Haider
and Nikolei Prietl

The annual ÖFG- Meeting (Österreichische Fischerei-Gesellschaft) at the shoreline of Pielach-River is a fixed date in my schedule and as well just another reason to visit Austria one more time. Together with Nikolai Prietl, Stefan and Alexander Haider, I fulfilled my duty as a representative of Loop Tackle Design Sweden.

(Suck on my pole...)

The prevailing heat-period was about to fry us alive what simultaneously means that barely covered tits were gathering along the river... The whole thing finally resolved into a beach-scene that was abundantly speckled with some flyfisher in between Long story short: Here are some pictures:

(Grillz´n Reelz)


(Yellow Line II)

(Blast that cast)


(Memo at work)

(Switch it.)

(No Words)

(LYL II DH... Sweet dreams are made of...)



(For Paulo)