Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Troutbumming - The Creeks Of Evil - Day II

Troutbumming - The Creeks of Evil
- Day II
aka. I.F.B.T.
by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Paulo Hoffmann &
Alexander von Dombois

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What a night, literally made to screw us up: I forgot my sleepingbag what means that I had to sleep in my wet cloths – covered with my waders. Alexander got a serious cold and Paulo... well, at least Paulo enjoyed his night tinched by the sweet pleasure of torturing us with the Chili con Carne he had for dinner. Not to forget about the rain, the wind and the temperature drop-off in the night. Anyway, it was fishing time. Time to get up, time to explore a quite unexploited fishing water and off course time to show Alex some indian-fishing-bush-techniques (I.F.B.T.)

(The creek of evil)

Knowing from the very beginning that this would be a hard test for his casting skills we all were very excited to kick some troutbutts. This water was the very definition of a creek: Small... and I really mean it; abundantly covered with vegetation and without any signs of intruders in the upper area (no sings of other fishermen going thru the weeds and herbs) Some pretty beautiful babytrouts crushed on our nymphs... but there was more to come, I knew it.


While Alex and Paulo went upstream to mess around with some smallies, I tied a real-man-fly on. What happened then, was just to good to be true – I had awaken Creek´s Fatties... and they were hungry for more. The big and long bow was just the beginning – but a German-Cutthroat really made my day. Nothing more to say... just check out the pics.

(Swing for the win)

(Got it?)


(Smallie...time for some big crackers)

(What about that one)

(Streamer for the win)

(What a beauty)


(German Cutthroat)

(It made my day)

(Releasing that beauty to fight another day)

(Paulo´s turn)

(TL Buddy)


(Splitsecond before hookset)

(Hold it tight)

(...and away from the cover)

(Ambitious fighter)


(Alexander and a 42cm fish)

(A real beast)

(Playing a bow)

(Nice fish)

(Green Hell)

(Alex plays a bow)


(Do your job, girl)


(Alex with a brownie)






(Crazy shit weed)

(Job done)

(What an ugly fucker)





(Another Bow)



"It was a great experience fishing small German creeks with the guys from FFN. I learned a lot about fishing and casting under trees and bad conditions. Even though the weather was not that great I had a lot of fun an caught my first browntrout and my biggest (40cm) perch ever!

Thanks Stephan and Paulo for taking me with fishing!"

Alexander von Dombois