Thursday, July 16, 2009

Zwickauer Mulde - Here we go again

Zwickauer Mulde - Here we go again
by Paulo Hoffmann
feat.: Stephan Dombaj

Friday – one day before Stephan was going to holds his DH-Clinic we were forced to blast some casts. The part we actually wanted to fish in looked like coffee and the waterlevel was unusual high, even too brown and high to use tube-flies. The upper-part was small, well structured, quite clear and full of fish - no brutes but decent small wildgrown brooks ans browns.

(Wild brookie)

The best methods to get these fishes on line were, no doubt, big, high-floating running dry-flies(e.g. deerhair- or CDC-caddis). However, even more important on these small and clear water-bodies to be successful is that you're not seen by the fish.

(Hide and seek)

One further imens important point in order to be successful is not to leave out the bankarea, that's where you mostly catch your biggest ones. The result of Friday was impressive, even though we just fished half of the day: Rainbows, brownies, graylings and chars.

(Bitch-creek brownie)


(Approaching Fish)

(Big Dries - Lil brookie = Good deal)

(On sight)


(One of many...)

(The upper "Mulde)


(...with a lot of trouts in it)




(Keep it reel)

Day two, Saturday: We met the the group of five in front of Andi Stolle's fishing store „Angel SpezieZwickau“ at 9.00 a.m. Next stop: The Mulde. There, Stephan started to explain and show the advantages of scandinavian dh-casting-style. Once again, it has been prooved, that the biggest casting problem that people have is the high stop that finally provides a smooth and power-transmitting D-Loop in the back. I was responsible for those people who wanted to learn single-hand-casting. The problems were the same. Another thing you should pay attention to when you're casting either a sh- or a dh-rod is that your working-range is extremely near your body and to use as little power as possible. Despite these difficulties, everyone was able to handle their rods much firmer than before. Unfortunately, the weather turned into a thunderstorm. Since the riverground contains a high percentage of iron + the fact that we were handling up to 14ft. long carbon poles, it seemed quite uncool to get fried by a thunder. Well, the day ended in Andi's house with a relaxed barbecue and suspensful fishing stories.

(Fly Fishing Nation Roadtour)


(Stephan explains)


(and advises)



(Some gear)

(Practical use...)

(Nice run)

(Get equiped)

(Urban Warfare)

(Urban Brooky)



(For real...)

During the night, the more it rained the more the waterlevel rose. That was the reason why three of the seven Sunday's clients weren't able to show up as their basement was filled with water.Best conditions for day three – Not, Sunday here we go: We started the day at a small carp-lake for a combo between casting-instruction and carp- as well as pike-fishing.

(Never fails)

(Crusing carps)


(Away from the cover)

(Go´n get it)

(Good Job)

(Happy landing)

(First carp)


Second stop was an artificially constructed, pretty clear lake where bass were waiting to be caught. Same evening, we had to say already goodbye from Andi and his wife Petra. The way back was easy and two tired flyfisher tried to get back their lost amount of sleep.

(Demonstrating the belly-stop)

(Give it a try)



(Last day´s group)

(Small perch)


Special thanks to Andi and Petra Stolle, without whom all that wouldn't have been possible!