Friday, July 10, 2009

Ultra Light Double Handers - Sieg

Ultra Light Double Handers - Sieg
by Stephan Dombaj
feat.: Paulo Hoffmann
& Alexander v.D.

It ain´t no secret anymore that brass- and bottletubes are far more than just a shamefull alternative to conventional streamers. Of course we can handle troutsize flies on a singlehand doubt. But if the riversize allows the use of a light DH-Rod, there will be no question. The latest generation of UL-DH Rods represent truely what one expects from a light weight rod. A fast progression but sensetive yet rod. Beside the fact that the handling and feeling is overwhelming there´s another good reason for these rods. It´s the best exercise for your next salmontrip... or let´s say, you get never out of training... Priceless!

(6weight Göran Andersson Signature at work)

Sieg-River, located close to cologne, is a pretty decent water if you expect everything and nothing simultaneosly. Eighter because you must decide between soo much diffrent gamefishes at the same time and on the other side, because you have to walk you feet off to find them... it depends on the hell knows what. Anyway, this day we had to decide...Sneep, Pike, Barbel, Trout, Carp and many more... It was a pleasure to see Paulo and Alex going nuts for those bloody Sneeps while I covered the whole river with my Swings. The DH was a blessing! The small tubes gave me both the chance to cover not only a large amoung of water but also a lot of diffrent gamefishes eighter... let´s say every more or less carnivorous fish. Some samples... more to come:

(Happy Landing)

(Chub on tube)

(The Blue one did it again)

(Seeking for Cover)

(TT= Tubetrout)

(Once again the blue one)


(Alex at Sieg)

(A Release)